libphonenumber – Google’s phone number handling library, powering Android and more – Google Project Hosting

Very good library

libphonenumber – Google’s phone number handling library, powering Android and more – Google Project Hosting.


101 JSJ js-git with Tim Caswell

101 JSJ js-git with Tim Caswell


01:34 – js-git

11:22 – jack

15:42 – Performance Issues

16:36 – Community Fundraisers & Support

21:41 – Atom

23:22 – npm

28:46 – js-git as a Database

30:49 – The Future of js-git & tedit


p dir="ltr">35:31 – Replacing npm


Google announces Android Wear, a Nexus-like platform for wearables

One of the most eye-catching features we’ve seen so far is the same always-listening experience that we’ve enjoyed on the Moto X. Anytime you need to do something with your watch, just say “OK Google" and everything from pulling up nearby gas stations, to restaurant reservations are just a quick voice command away.

Websocket vs EventSource

Currently using a log of websocket. And I know there is EventSource for a long time.

Server-Sent Events vs. WebSockets

Why would you choose Server-Sent Events over WebSockets? Good question.

One reason SSEs have been kept in the shadow is because later APIs like WebSockets provide a richer protocol to perform bi-directional, full-duplex communication. Having a two-way channel is more attractive for things like games, messaging apps, and for cases where you need near real-time updates in both directions. However, in some scenarios data doesn’t need to be sent from the client. You simply need updates from some server action. A few examples would be friends’ status updates, stock tickers, news feeds, or other automated data push mechanisms (e.g. updating a client-side Web SQL Database or IndexedDB object store). If you’ll need to send data to a server, XMLHttpRequest is always a friend.

SSEs are sent over traditional HTTP. That means they do not require a special protocol or server implementation to get working. WebSockets on the other hand, require full-duplex connections and new Web Socket servers to handle the protocol. In addition, Server-Sent Events have a variety of features that WebSockets lack by design such as automatic reconnection, event IDs, and the ability to send arbitrary events.

It is interesting that many libraries are not using EventSource (SockJs seems support that).

I think entry the market first and it is already very simple. So everyone support it until something 10 times better come out.

May be a library to normalize all notification of iOS, android and desktop browsers?